In Loving Memory of Nicholas

The untimely death of a teen age boy
filled hearts with pain and sorrow.
They knew that he would never see
the sun  rise on the morrow.

Hundreds of people with heavy hearts
overflowed the worship hall,
but the comforting presence of God was felt
by every single soul. By all.

They had joined to honor the memory
of Nicholas Libutti.
His Christ-led life and love were shared
with tenderness and beauty.

And Nick was well prepared to meet
with God on Heaven’s scene.
His heart was filled with Christian love,
though his life ceased at fifteen.

An aura of love filled every heart,
as they shared in the life of this boy.
Not  felt was  fleeting happiness,
but a lasting sense of joy.

This aura of joy, God’s blanket of love,
allowed the soul of Nick to be
released from death to stand with God
through the span of all eternity.